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Office Infusion Center


  Infusion Services

     Infusion services are offered through our Hoffman Estates and Elgin offices and include:
     • Intravenous antibiotics
     • Intravenous parenteral nutrition (Hyperal)
     • Intravenous Immune globulin therapy
     • Intravenous Remicade® therapy
     • Lovenox® and Fragmin® therapy
     • Drug monitoring

Infusion therapies are based at the physician’s office so that you are never far from your doctors care. Licensed physicians and certified nurses oversee your care. Training and line care take place in our office while the infusions themselves are performed in the comfort of your home. Monthly therapies such as Remicade® or Gamma Globulin therapies are provided in the office under the supervision of our infusion nurse and your treating physician.

Our experienced staff manages intravenous catheters, medication dosages and monitors response to therapy.

Most insurances are accepted. Insurance benefits are pre-approved prior to initiating therapy.

Infusion Center Information
Our Infusion Services are available to patients under the care of GERMBUSTERS® physicians. For more information contact us today. Call our Office Infusion Centers in Hoffman Estates at 847-843-1509 or Elgin at 847-531-1663.


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